A number of awards and scholarships are offered annually by PSANZ. The number of awards may vary from time to time and are offered at the discretion of the board. Awards and scholarships are presented at the annual PSANZ congress and thus the call for applications will be approximately six months prior to or at the time of the annual congress. 

 Links to find out more about the awards can be found at the bottom of this page.

Congratulations to the 2024 Congress Award winners:

New Investigator Awards (NIA)

Allied Health - Poster: Amelia Winter
Discovery Science - Poster: Carol Wang
Epidemiology - Poster: Jenny Jung
Midwifery - Poster: Maria Lohan
Neonatal Nursing - Poster: Rebecca Hyde
Neonatology - Poster: Mia Mclean
Obstetrics - Poster: Melvin Marzan

Allied Health - Oral: David Nyakotey
Discovery Science - Oral: Angela Cumberland
Public Health/Epidemiology - Oral: Deanna Stuart-Butler
Midwifery - Oral: Robyn Matthews
Neonatal Nursing - Oral: Nadine Griffiths
Neonatology - Oral: Eamon Walsh
Obstetrics - Oral: Keeth Mayakaduwage

Presidents NIA Award:

Best Oral: Simone Watkins
Best Poster: Meghna Prasannan Ponganam

Cerebral Palsy Award: First Prize - Lindsay Zhou
Cerebral Palsy Award: Second Prize - Zoe Johnson

PRS Mont Liggins Award: Lindsay Zhou

Judith Lumley Centre Travel Award: Jayne Kotz

Ritchie Centre Award: Esther Calje

PSU Research Award: Reisha Bone

 PSANZ J Gupta Scholarship: Nhi Tran

DHS Scholarship: Nhi Tran

Nursing and Midwifery Scholarship: Jennifer Middleton

ECR Travel Awards:

  • Ameila Winter
  • Annie Tann
  • Dinithi Wickrama
  • Ria Aiyar
  • Phyllis Ohene-Agyei
  • Malitha Patabendige
  • Kate Mills
  • Jenny Jung
  • Hanna Uebel
  • Elisha Pur