Positions Vacant

PSANZ Board positions: Call for nominations for position of Secretary

Members are advised that according to the PSANZ constitution (2014) and in accordance with rule 24 (Composition of the Board of Directors), the Office Bearer position of Secretary will become available in April 2018.

In accordance with the constitution and the election of Office Bearers, each Office Bearer is elected for a term of two years and is eligible for re-election but must not hold office for more than two consecutive terms. This call for nominations for Secretary is open to all full financial PSANZ members.   

ASIC requirements for office bearers (inclusive of all directors & representatives)

 As Secretary, the law makes you personally responsible for keeping proper company records.

  • The position of Secretary is one of trust.
  • The Secretary must at all times act in the best interests of PSANZ as a whole.
  • All Office Bearers and Directors remain ultimately responsible for the company’s compliance with the Corporations Act

Please send expressions of interest to admin@PSANZ.com.au using the nomination form by 1 April 2018.

  • Expressions of interest should outline, using no more than ½ A4 page, why you would like to join, what you would bring to the position and how you would contribute to the work of the Board. Include any recent involvement in the PSANZ Board or Subcommittee.
  • The Office Bearer position of Secretary will be elected by the PSANZ membership.

 Nominations must be made in writing and signed by two members and the nominee.

In the event that more than one nomination is received, elections will be carried out per the Constitution (2014) by electronic vote.  If only one nomination is received, the position will be declared at the next Board Meeting.

 Nominations must be received by 1st Aprll, 2018

 Nomination Form : Click here to download


Information for subcommittees on advertising internal committee vacancies

Any sub-committee that wishes to make use of this opportunity needs to provide the following information to the PSANZ secretariat (admin@psanz.com.au).

  1. Details of the position (including short description)
  2. Term of the position
  3. Contact details
  4. Closing date for the call of nomination

Please note: Allow 2 weeks to be put up on the website. All notices will be removed on closing date of nominations.